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Erik Christensen

Short biography

Erik Christensen works as a musicologist specialized in contemporary music and intensive music listening. Member of NTSMB, The Danish Network for Cross-disciplinary Studies of Music and Meaning, and the research network Sound as Art - Sound in History - Sound as Culture - Sound in Theory. Plays the trombone and a mexican conch. Producer of contemporary music programs, Danish Broadcasting Corporation 1978-2007. Lecturer at Copenhagen University 2007-08. Initiated the PhD project Music Therapy, Phenomenology, and Neuroscience at Aalborg University 2009.

He has published articles about contemporary music, music analysis, music listening and interviews with composers. In 1996, he published The Musical Timespace. A Theory of Music Listening.

Guest lecturer at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico 1999 and 2006, University of Louisville, USA 2001, Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis, Paris 2002-03, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina 2008. Workshops and lectures in the Nordic countries, UK, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Argentina and Chile.

Interview in Danish with Erik Christensen, by Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen

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